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Musician, Graphic Designer, SEO

Most people would describe Jill Freuden as a creative person. Whether she is making music, designing newspaper ads, or doing a technical SEO audit, Jill brings a vibrant energy to her work. Her home office overlooks a yard teeming with wildlife where she can watch the sunrise and the snow fall.

Classically trained soprano

Singing before she could talk, Jill showed a natural affinity for song. Drawn equally to music, her mother’s passion, and theater, her father’s passion, Jill participated in both before focusing on music to allow time for a part-time job. Studying coloratura soprano repertoire at Washington State University, Jill’s adult voice settled in as lyric soprano. She performed recitals regionally for many years with Rosemary Waldrop and The Sopranos. Soprano Section Leader of the Palouse Choral Society (PCS), a member of PCS’s Chamber Choir, and the leader of the PCS Carolers are her current roles with the regional ensemble. An in-demand church musician, Jill is the soloist at the Christian Science Society, and sings with the choir at St. James’ Episcopal Church when she is available.

Graphic Design

A love for graphic design was born from the Chorale. The current designer was relocating and PCS needed a program and poster designer. Jill took the job and found a new love. She worked as the Marketing Director for the choir for ten years.

Technical SEO